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" do you dare me? "

- an ancient proverb meaning “I want to do this ridiculous thing that is likely to have bad consequences but if it goes badly I want to be able to blame literally anybody else but myself and frankly you’ll do” (via dajo42)


Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.

Demi Lovato. - Warrior♥

You just don’t care and probably never fucking did.

Wow. Fuck off out of my life.



Those last four lines though

the last four lines yes

2 days ago, I text you that i couldn’t hold on, I couldn’t hold it together.. and I needed some reassurance. I needed your help. I needed to know you were there and it was going to be ok. But you didnt care. You didnt reply and you havent even checked if im still here. I  shouldnt be. I overdosed. badly. worse than I ever have before. I threw up blood and i passed out. I was happy in my feeling of going cause i really didnt think id wake up. but i did. i woke up friday morning and cried my eyes out. if id never poured that vodka down the sink, i’d be dead for sure. I wish I was. and seeing as you obviously dont care as to whether im dead or alive.. maybe tonight I’ll go again and make sure its for good. make sure theres no chance of me waking up. i love you but you dont care.. you probably never did. it was pitty. well i hope youre happy now.. tomorrow morning you’ll know im out of your life for good.