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Demi Lovato. - Warrior♥

You just don’t care and probably never fucking did.

Wow. Fuck off out of my life.



Those last four lines though

the last four lines yes

2 days ago, I text you that i couldn’t hold on, I couldn’t hold it together.. and I needed some reassurance. I needed your help. I needed to know you were there and it was going to be ok. But you didnt care. You didnt reply and you havent even checked if im still here. I  shouldnt be. I overdosed. badly. worse than I ever have before. I threw up blood and i passed out. I was happy in my feeling of going cause i really didnt think id wake up. but i did. i woke up friday morning and cried my eyes out. if id never poured that vodka down the sink, i’d be dead for sure. I wish I was. and seeing as you obviously dont care as to whether im dead or alive.. maybe tonight I’ll go again and make sure its for good. make sure theres no chance of me waking up. i love you but you dont care.. you probably never did. it was pitty. well i hope youre happy now.. tomorrow morning you’ll know im out of your life for good. 

I feel so fucking shitty right now. So fucking shitty. I’ve been slowly picking myself up.. Have the odd bad day but moving forward. Now I feel like I’ve just taken and 360 degree turn and ended up right down at rock bottom. Right down in the gutter. That’s where I belong I guess. It helps when you have someone who you can talk to and who understands you and I do.. Well I thought I did. But I can never be first priority for you because you’re too busy. I get that. Truly. I don’t deserve to be top of your list anyways. I should really know by now.. No expectations, no fucking disappointments but I always seem to let that slip.. I guess it’s cause the way I am. Cause there’s so much more id be willing to do for you if this was the other way round. Oh well. I can’t change that. I’m not ungreatful.. Far from it! I just miss you. I feel like you’ve changed.. Like you’ve given up on me.. I don’t blame you if you have.. But it’s just the little things.. We never get to talk.. You’re pretty blunt in your texts.. And it’s just hurts so much. It’s amazing how the one person who can make everything ok is also the one person who makes me feel the worst. I just need to get away from this.. Step out of this situation because I’ve already let you in and trusted you and now I’m hurt. Beyond any pain you can imagine. You have no idea how closely I’ve wrapped myself around your heart and I need to unwrap myself and get the guards back up. Protect myself cause I really can’t deal with any more pain. It’s slowly killing me. I love you more than anything. I’d do anything for you.. Probably even die for you. That’s how much I love and respect you but I need to help myself and push you away cause as much as it hurts to stay.. You’re making me worse right now and I need to get used to the fact that you’re not always gonna be there for me and you’re not really anymore anyway. Life’s a bitch. I hate this. I hate how I feel and I wish I’d never opened up to you.. Cause I wouldn’t love and need you as much if I didn’t but I gotta do this on my own.. Cause you’re hurting me way too much 😔

I fucking hate you


this made me cry